Wherever you go and wherever you look, you will see an advertising of some sort. Billboards, magazine, TV, Radio, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the list goes on and on. With that volume of advertising being pushed to consumers, they have become somehow conditioned to avoid them or ignore them unless it is unique or remarquable. To be able to attract people’s attention, we as marketers and content creators must adventure into zones that have not been overused (yet).

Cinemgraphs are a new way to advertise for your products and services. It is a mix between a still image and a video where a part of the frame is moving and a part of it is fix. It’s fun, it’s different, but most of all, it makes people stop and wonder what is happening and therefor gives you a couple more seconds to communicate your message and drive an action.

It’s cheaper to create than a video and it’s much more efficient than a photo. Many split testing on social media has shown a significant increase of the click-through rate as well as the in the engagement.

This is happening now. In a year, this will perhaps be outdated and become a medium just like any other. If you want to really take advantage of this new advertising technique and stand out from the crowd, I invite you to take action at this moment and seriously consider it for your next campaign.

If you would like to have more information on the creation process or on the statistics, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Cinemagraph created by Ali Kay

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