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Boost your online sales with ecommerce photography

Ready to boost your online sales?

No matter if it's on Amazon, Shopify or your own website, our team will provide you pictures on a white background that respect the specifications of each platform to help you save time and start selling quickly!

The Studio Kay advatnages


Ability to capture hundreds of pictures a day (depending on the product)

Color calibration & accuracy

Consistency throughout every picture and photoshoot


Professional photo editing

100% white background

100% white background

Quick delivery of your ecommerce pictures


An assigned photographer who knows your brand and your products


Consistency and precision

Your online store needs to be uniform at all levels as the angle of your product, positioning or the style of lighting applied on your ecommerce pictures. From one photoshoot to another, our team will ensure consistency on every level.

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A simple and efficient process

Contact us

Contact us to receive a quick for your ecommerce photography project.

Deliver your products

Deliver your products to the studio. You can be present during the photoshoot in person or by video conference.

Ecommerce photography

One of our professionals will create pictures that have impact and that respect all your specifications.

Photo editing and delivery

Finally, your pictures will go under our finest photo editing process to remove every little flaws and are then sent to you by ftp.

A personalized solution

No matter if your product is made of glass, plastic, metal, tissu or even a combination of these materials, our team will create a lighting recipe tailored to make your product stand out the best way possible, without any undesirable reflections. 

Challenge us!
  • Ali et son équipe se sont avérés être de bons alliés dans la prise de photo de nos produits par leur souci du détail et la qualité du travail. L’équipe est flexible et sait s’adapter rapidement aux produits plus techniques et aux conditions de shoot changeantes. Nous avons apprécié leur professionnalisme et leur efficacité.
    Jean-Samuel Gauthier
    L'équipe Marketing - Stelpro
  • The creative studio and the marketing department at BIRKS Group Head Quarters was really happy with the work provided by Studio Kay. The professionalism, responsiveness and precision of the service the studio provided was at the highest levels. We are looking forward to collaborating with you again on other projects.”
    Wissam Daibess
    Studio manager - Birks
  • Studio Kay offre une expérience professionnelle de haut niveau. Du briefing à la livraison du projet, tout se passe dans le respect des délais et des attentes. Nous allons certainement travailler à nouveau avec Ali et son équipe.
    Jonathan Couture
    Directeur marketing, intelligence d’affaires - Simplex
  • I had a lot of project with Ali and his team during last year and looking forward to have more in future. Quality of services, competitive price and reliable. Met my expectations and beyond.
    Hamidreza Khansari
    Studio manager - Joseph RIbkoff

Still not convinced?

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Valid for product photography on a white background only.


Different categories

of ecommerce photography.

Jewelry photography
Cosmetic product photography
Necklace photography
Flatlay clothing photography
Clothing photography on a model
Ghost clothing photography 
White products on white background photography
Furniture photography
Electronics photography
Construction material photography
Toy photography
Industrial product photography
Watch photography
Food photography on white background
Bedding photography
Specialized products photography
Office supplies photography
Pharmaceutical products photography 
Packaging photography
Great proportion products photography
Display photography

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